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Having your home Professionally cleaned Means giving yourself the Gift of Time

Licence to Clean – Caring for your carpet

When you choose Licence to Clean your carpets you are in good hands.  A combination of industry know-how, high quality equipment and cleaning agents enables us to achieve excellent results.

The Licence to Clean process

  • Initial assessment of carpet to identify stains and areas that may need a little extra care
  • Thorough pre vacuum – extracting as much loose dirt and debris with a high end vacuum cleaner is an essential initial step to achieve great results
  • Pre-spray – prepares the carpet for cleaning by loosening soil in the carpet pile
  • Steam cleaning – hot water extraction (recommended by carpet manufacturers)  invigorates and prolongs the life of your carpet

Licence to Clean carpet cleaning leaves your carpets wonderfully clean, not just on the surface but deep down, feeling great underfoot and smelling fresh with deodorising incorporated into the process.  

Our technician will move small furniture to get access to as much of your carpet as possible.












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