Hire Experts for Bond Cleaning in Camden

Bond cleaning in Camden is required when you are moving out of an apartment or house at the end of your lease period. It is also referred to as exit cleaning/ moving out cleaning or end-of-lease cleaning. Though you may feel tempted to handle the job yourself to save a bit of money, it’s not really advisable to do so. There are very stringent rules when it comes to cleaning homes at the end of the lease and if you want your bond back, you need to be sure that every nook and cranny of the house or apartment is sparkling clean and dust free.

The Thorough Job

The only way to get the place thoroughly clean and ensure that you get bond money back is to opt for the services of an expert company like Licence to Clean. We are the company that offers specialised bond cleaning in Camden. Since ours is a family-owned business; we offer personalised services and every job, big and small is carried out with attention to detail. Our team of qualified and highly-trained cleaners will take care of every aspect of the job. They are all covered under Public Liability Insurance and are licensed to do the job.

Range of Services

We understand that you are busy and that you don’t have the time to attend to any cleaners while they are at work. This is also why we offer bond cleaning in Camden even if you are not at home. Our cleaners are very trustworthy and background checked and they will come and clean the entire space thoroughly, even in your absence. They also ensure that your codes & keys are kept secure. As part of our services, we provide:

  • Dusting & wiping the complete house
  • Wiping windows & doors
  • Dusting furniture & removing cobwebs
  • Cleaning window ledges
  • Cleaning & polishing mirrors, window panes etc
  • Removing stains on walls
  • Cleaning glass tops
  • Cleaning of switchboards, lights & holders etc
  • Kitchen cleaning & degreasing of cupboards, ovens & chimneys
  • Indoor and outdoor cleaning of garage, balcony etc
  • Mopping &vacuum cleaning
  • Cleaning exhaust fans
  • Cleaning toilets
  • Disinfecting bathrooms
  • Cleaning tiles & sinks
  • Thorough cleaning of laundry area & cupboards
  • Other

Other cleaning services

In addition to bond cleaning in Camden which is a one-time service, we also offer monthly, fortnightly and weekly cleaning services. We know you keep busy schedules and that you don’t really have the time to clean your home as thoroughly as you would like to. The best thing to do is to opt for our services and get rid of all the stress and strain of cleaning.

The fact is that cleaning a house is not an easy job and you don’t want to spend your weekends or leisure time vacuuming, mopping and dusting your home. Just call in the experts from Licence to Clean. We provide customised packages based on your specific needs. For more information about our bond cleaning in Camden and other solutions, call us at 0421 007 149 or contact us via this online form.