Upholstery Cleaning

If you add up how much money is invested in your furnishings, lounge suites and beds around your home it can total quite a bit! That’s why professional upholstery and mattress cleaning is a smart choice.

Careful assessment of your lounge suite or chairs is the first step in upholstery cleaning. As there are many different types of fabrics used in upholstery manufacturing the correct cleaning agents and methods employed are very important.

Initial dry vacuuming, hot water extraction with appropriate cleaning agents then drying is our most common method and just like with carpets provides a deep down clean leaving your function fresh and soft.

Dry foam cleaning is also a method we use if we have established that to be the safest on certain fabrics, ie: some natuaral fibre fabrics or where colour bleed is likely.

Couch with white upholstery and two pillows
Mattress Cleaning

A word on skin cells…

Asian women in white dress feeling unwell and sneeze at bedroom, Dust allergies symptoms, People caught cold and allergy

*When you rub your skin it feels flat and smooth but on the micro level most people shed around 35,000 dead skin cells a minute which adds up to 2 grams of skin cells per day!

Everyone’s heard of dust mites and although you can’t see them they make their presence known by increasing allergic reactions and asthma symptons. Dust mites love to feast on dead skin cells and unfortunately your sheets and even mattress protectors don’t stop skin cells and dust mites from finding their way into your mattress. On average we share our beds with about ten million of them each night.

Although its near impossible to remove every dust mite from your environment the good news is regular washing of your bed sheets and covers and periodic professional cleaning of your mattress will help reduced their numbers to safe levels.

We vacuum your mattress first to extract millions of the little mites and cells, then using reduced water flow (so as not to wet mattress too much) heat, sanitising chemicals and strong extraction we finish them off! High flow drying is used to speed dry your mattress and your good to go for a peaceful nights sleep.